Jalajakshi was devastated when her temporary general store was removed from its old location during a road expansion drive by the authorities as it was her only source of income. It took her some time before she could gather sufficient resources to start a small tea shop at a new location in the Hampi market.

"I am down, but no way am I going to be out", she says.

As one of the very first customers of Svamaan, Jalajakshi is now confident that her recovery would be faster and stronger.



"I have worked hard for a very long time to set this small hotel. I hope my son would be able to do even better."

Located in a narrow by-lane of the Virupaksha temple at Hampi, Shankaramma's joint, Sagar Hotel, is extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike.

She employs three women at her hotel which serves scrumptious south-indian breakfast & meals, one has to often wait their turn given the frequent high demand.

She is now investing in her son - Sagar's venture, a small idli shop, which she wants to scale up with a loan from Svamaan.



As a helper at Shankaramma's (a Svamaan client) hotel, Jayabunnisa was always inspired by her employer's enterprising nature and kept thinking of ways to raise her household income.

When her husband, who drives his own auto in and around the Hampi temple complex, broached the idea of buying another auto and give it out on a daily lease, she immediately concurred.

"I want my life to enter the fast lane now", she laughs. Svamaan is only too happy to be able to support Jayabunnisa's entry onto the fast lane of economic growth.